Glen Grant Whisky Fudge


Glen Grant Distillery Collaboration

Our Glen Grant Whisky Fudge is made with Glen Grant’s award-winning 10 Year Whisky. This gives the fudge elegant single malt flavours, gentle notes of orchard fruits and butterscotch. This fudge offers the long and complex taste of a great Scotch whisky.

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Our first collaboration. Using generous amounts of The Glen Grant 10 Year Single Malt, this is a winner for whisky and non-whisky lovers. The taste has all the delicious base notes of orchard fruits and butterscotch from the whisky but without the alcoholic hit.

We use approximately 6% of alcohol in our flavours, comparable to other brands which use less than 1%, so you are guaranteed each piece of fudge is packed full of great taste.

If you’re a big fan of whisky and all things sweet, you have come to the right place. Surprisingly non whisky lovers enjoy this too.

Head over to Glen Grant Distillery’s website and find out more about the product we use Click Here

Kinnaird Kitchen’s Glen Grant Whisky Fudge is handmade in small batches using the very best ingredients we add no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Above all, this product is gluten-free, best kept at room temperature, out of direct sunlight and has a best before date of three months.

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